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So, it’s time for that new car. Summer is here. Time for a vacation with the family. A driving vacation that is. And what better way to acquire a new car or truck than to lease it.

Great idea, but just like swimming, it’s best to know how before you jumping into the deep end of the pool.

This simple guide will take you through the process in a step by step fashion that will make you, if not an instant expert, at least knowledgeable enough to speak intelligently about what you are about to do.

This guide was not developed, nor do we having any desire to impugn the car dealer or leasing company you are considering as a source for your new car or truck. Every industry has its skills and body of knowledge that you, as the customer, are not expected to understand. The real estate industry, the stock market, and the medical industry are only a few of the places where you haven’t a clue what goes on unless you are directly involved in that industry.  The automobile industry is no different and should not be considered any less professional.  These people are in business to make a living, just like you, and to support a large huge industry that this country could not do without. Try running your business without making a profit and see how long you last.

With this guide you will “understand the process” which is all you can be expected to do. The rest is up to you to determine if you get a “good deal” or not.

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